Pakistan cricketer Hafeez has the rapid cure from coronavirus


My friend feels Hafeez knows how to get rid of the deadly coronavirus in a jiffy after being tested positive by the Pakistan Cricket Board. Hafeez turned negative within a few hours and so he believes that scientists should study him to determine the cure for the virus instead of letting him play cricket in England.

Weekes: A cricketer who became a legend helping groundsmen

K.R. Nayar

Everton Weekes, whom I met in Barbados during the 2007 World Cup, has a tale of hardship with no money to buy a cricket ball or get coaching, but he learned the game by watching great cricketers. He became a master of ground shots due to lack of space to practice and earned the sobriquet ‘Butcher’ for his punishing batting style filled with  ground shots only.

Cricketer 'Hawkeye' who withstood 30 surgeries.

K.R. Nayar

Australian cricketer and pacer Neil Hawke used his fighting spirit as a sportsman to withstand 12 cardiac arrests and 30 surgeries. During his playing days, he withstood a shoulder injury from football but remained a match-winner.

Should cricketers face the Covid-19 risk?

K.R. Nayar

Even though the Coronavirus pandemic is not yet under control, many countries are gearing up to stage their bilateral series. Would this not put cricketers under risk just for the joy of watching them play from the isolated comforts of our homes?

A museum where cricket bats do the talking.

K.R. Nayar

Shyam Bhatia with the autographed bats of the 2019 World Cup winners (Australia), runners up (New Zealand) and the Indian team.